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As a multi-disciplinary artist, my practice is woven together with many strands, from collages, mixed media, photography, drawing, illustration, sculptural forms and installation.


Based in Central West NSW, the dramatic light, seasons and seemingly constant environmental challenges facing rural and regional Australia imbue how I live and create.


am known for my work with The Breadtag Project, a long term art/environmental/ awareness program, using breadtags as a creative medium. The breadtags are saved and sent to me from people all over the world, making these donators an inherent part of the creating process.

Whatever the medium, I am drawn to pattern, colour, line and repetition.


The theme of collecting is consistent too, creating order from chaos, observing similarities and disparities.


I interrogate and explore the narrative that objects can tell us, imbued with cultural energy, laden with social meaning, personal attachment and symbolism. In seeking out small elements of beauty and interest in everyday life, I find moments and objects that can either bind, comfort and hold us, or confront and surprise us.





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