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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Back in March I began installing my exhibition, 'A Lot Of Little Nothings' consisting of several installation pieces at Western Plains Cultural Centre in Dubbo, regional NSW. I worked with a curator, Mariam Abboud, to develop the show over a long period of time, and then during install week I worked with her and a team of fab installers to get it all up and together. In the background was the long suffering husband too, who hired vans, booked accommodation, brought food and caffeine, provided emotional support and humour, and generally proved himself to be a good bloke. Then there was also the photographer, admins, art workers, my district arts organisation ( Orana Arts), family and friends who assisted, supported, travelled, posted, wrote about, took images, shared the news etc...

It really was a team of people who made this exhibition happen, and their many small and large actions that led to its eventuality.

Their benevolence was awesome. I thank them all.

It made me reflect on how it is also the kindness and thoughtfulness of others, small actions multiplied many times over, that meant I had the materials to create with for the show- the breadtags and other second hand other bits and pieces. Without thousands of people making the effort to get these things to me, saving and sending them these installation pieces would not have happened.

I could not say what I wanted to say.

I could not have created what I wanted to create.

Like the breadtags themselves, which one of seems insignificant, when repeated over and over and over, en masse, it brings heft, a weight of something.

It is a reminder that small consistent actions are important. That eating the elephant one bite at a time is okay. And you may want to eat that elephant plain, with sauce, cooked, raw, slowly, quickly, or a mixture of ways. Eating it the same every time would get boring. So some days will be a powerhouse of activity and DOING, others will be slower, moderate, others more thoughtful. Many variations on a theme.

But put it all together, and you get SOMETHING.

A Lot Of Little Nothings is part of the Homeground Program at WPCC ,

running from 4 March - 21 May 2023

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